Elizabeth Carothers Herron

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Selected Works

A book-length poem in four sections that refused to be turned to type and is thus handwritten in its final form.
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Poem Title: "To be Called" Reflections: Fall 2013, Issue "Test of Time: The Art of Aging"
An article on the enduring affection among all things. Published in Parabola Magazine, Fall 2005, Issue 30:3
2013 Creative Writing Award winner A British magazine exploring contemporary art & design, film, music & performance with a special annual issue of poetry & fiction.
A chapbook of poems written in response to the second Iraq war, prepared as part of a collaborative performance (with movement artist, Corlene Van Sluizer) for Quicksilver Mine Company Gallery.
Magazine Article/Book
A personal essay [Orion Magazine, Spring 1999] recounting the author's experience of a continually evolving earth, shared by species whose ancestry predates our own. The reader is encouraged to see her/himself within the context of a planet humming with life, and to see life as a gift in which each moment presents the opportunity for reverence.
This article appears in the Jung Journal of Culture & Psyche (Volume 3, Number 4) in the issue devoted to Marie Louise Von Franz' last lecture on Jung's idea of the role of the feeling function.
This article appears in Parabola magazine's issue Body and Soul (Volume 30, Number 3). The author asks what we mean by the words spirit and soul? How do we acknowledge and honor the soul and spirit of another being? Where do we find it? What does it take to cultivate our capacity to perceive the soul of the world?

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Elizabeth Carothers Herron writes poetry and articles on art and ecology, the role of art in society, and the importance of natural systems and biodiversity in the physical and spiritual well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet. Much of her poetry reflects these concerns. [email Elizabeth at poetherron@​gmail.com]

Poems and essays by Elizabeth appear in literary journals and magazines including Comstock Review, Reflections, West Marin Review, Chagrin River Review, Arroyo, Lindenwood Review, Orion, Parabola, Ions, EarthLight, and Jung Journal. Her work appears also in On the Commons and Center for Humans and Nature .

Short Fiction - Desire Being Full of Distances
Chapbooks - Dark Season, The Stones the Dark Earth, While the Distance Widens, Report, Language for the Wild
The Poet's House, a book-length poem entirely handwritten to accompany the sculpture, Poetry House by Bruce Johnson .

Dana Prize in Poetry Finalist
James Hearst Poetry Prize Finalist
NEA /​Community Foundation Grants to Individual Artists
The Foundation for Deep Ecology
PEN Radio Fiction Project
San Francisco Small Press Traffic Award for Poetry
The Mesa Refuge for Writers, Point Reyes, California
The Damian Foundation
Sonoma County Arts Award for Poetry
Negative Capability Fiction Award
Poets & Writers Readings & Workshops

Elizabeth has taught writing courses ranging from poetry to essay and fiction writing at Sonoma State University, where she also taught Contemplative Practices & Creative Process, Dreams & Creative Process. She developed the University's first general education inter-disciplinary ecology course and taught for ten years in the School of Expressive Arts, where she represented the dual disciplines of dance and creative writing. She is currently Faculty Emeritus.

She is also known for her collaborative work with other artists (including Bruce Johnson for Poetry House and his Santa Rosa Community College Library oak sculptures accompanied by her text). She has written text for both dance and vocal performances, and her Salmon Chant has been performed with dance and musical accompaniment. In 2001 both the Salmon Chant and her text for the dance, Water, were performed at the International Society for Ecological Restoration annual meeting.

Poets Editors & Novelists (PEN)
International League of Conservation Writers, Fellow
Academy of American Poets
Authors Guild
Association for Psychological Science
Poets & Writers
International Association for the Study of Dreams

One of the founding board members of the Climate Protection Campaign (now Center for Climate Protection). She received her doctorate in Biopoetics from the University for Integrative Learning, a brief off-shoot of the Harvard School of Education.