Elizabeth Carothers Herron

Selected Works

A book-length poem in four sections that refused to be turned to type and is thus handwritten in its final form.
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Poem Title: "To be Called" Reflections: Fall 2013, Issue "Test of Time: The Art of Aging"
An article on the enduring affection among all things. Published in Parabola Magazine, Fall 2005, Issue 30:3
2013 Creative Writing Award winner A British magazine exploring contemporary art & design, film, music & performance with a special annual issue of poetry & fiction.
A chapbook of poems written in response to the second Iraq war, prepared as part of a collaborative performance (with movement artist, Corlene Van Sluizer) for Quicksilver Mine Company Gallery.
Magazine Article/Book
A personal essay [Orion Magazine, Spring 1999] recounting the author's experience of a continually evolving earth, shared by species whose ancestry predates our own. The reader is encouraged to see her/himself within the context of a planet humming with life, and to see life as a gift in which each moment presents the opportunity for reverence.
This article appears in the Jung Journal of Culture & Psyche (Volume 3, Number 4) in the issue devoted to Marie Louise Von Franz' last lecture on Jung's idea of the role of the feeling function.
This article appears in Parabola magazine's issue Body and Soul (Volume 30, Number 3). The author asks what we mean by the words spirit and soul? How do we acknowledge and honor the soul and spirit of another being? Where do we find it? What does it take to cultivate our capacity to perceive the soul of the world?

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The Poet's House

NARRATIVE - When Bruce Johnson invited me to participate in his Poetry House sculpture project, neither of us had any idea where that invitation would lead. And indeed, it took almost nine months before I unconsciously transposed his Poetry House to The Poet’s House, an alteration of language that became the key to my writing. Thus, The Poet’s House came into being with the help of Trickster, who is so often the source of creative work, turning things upside down or inside out and stimulating thought by means of accident or “haps.”

But it was the personalizing to the poet’s house that gave me entry to writing what I found the poet’s house to be. Four books, which could be thought of as sections, emerged – a single long poem written in long-hand that refused to come into type, a hand written book that required binding and an artist’s box to live within the sculpture. But even before it was bound, the manuscript found its way into the sculpture when friends were invited to take phrases and words from its pages and write them on the Poetry House walls, imbuing the structure itself with poetic language. What is the poet’s world? It is the whispers of The Four Winds, the voice of Coyote and the elder who tells his story. It is the Dust and Ashes of our world with all its violence and its beautiful birds, it’s temple bells and monks, its wars and ruins and autumn apples.

So The Poet’s House finds a home in Poetry House* where a visitor might also find a notebook and pen to encourage those who enter Poetry House to discover and record their own poetic musings – to encourage the poet in each of us to enter not only the house of Poetry, but the inner landscape of poetic mind – the meditative looking out at the world, the mind I wrote from when I wrote The Poet’s House, which was really a long meditation from a state of mind so personal it passes through itself and shape-shifts to something larger, something I cannot call my own.
*Bruce Johnson, sculptor. You will find his Poetry House there. While the original 76 page handwritten book belongs with Poetry House, it has been scanned and copies are available by special order at poetherron@​gmail.com. Please use the subject line: Poet’s House.