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Sample of Published Works

My newest book, In the Cities of Sleep, poems entered on the ramifications of a warming planet, has just been released by Fernwood Press https://www.fernwoodpress.com/category/catalog/ This is my second book with Fernwood. They published Insistent Grace at the end of 2020. You will find both books in their catalog.

Here are a two poems published by Free State Review -



Consider it so.  Thus, as you wish it.

as you will and as you consider, you


my dear one. Here's this mushroom

red stemmed, crimson near the saffron gills.

Your shut look where once was blown-out bliss


while you swept the fields

of rose and gold and violet blossoms.

Me swinging my hips, my sweet


remembered ravings. Consider it –

the red stem, the saffron gills.





I'm working on the whale stuff—

did a whale witness when a whale stranded 

out at Limantour Beach at Point Reyes.


The whales eat tiny crustaceans that cannot

make their exoskeletons without calcium.

 (Less calcium in the water as the oceans acidify).


The whales are starving.


I just sat with the dead whale

When people paused beside it,

I gave them this tiny poem:


Great Swimmer

We pray you travel swiftly

To the Other World

May you find your kin

May you swim in safe seas.


It was a conversation starter.

Families read it together.

One young woman started crying and just couldn't stop.


Of course, that made me cry, too.





"Engaging the Spirit" - an ARTICLE from ReVision, Journal of Consciousness . . .

(This section is currently under construction.)